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International business is risky yet potentially very lucrative. The success of any venture is dependant on the quality of the advice you receive. Pontif are experts in international business and draw on local experience and global networks enabling clients to achieve the objectives in international business markets.

From start to finish

Pontif always look long term, as we assist a client from start to finish. Traditionally, other business advisory firms offer advice and then step out of the picture. We provide strategic hands on advice and will continue to work with you to achieve your objectives. Our practical hands on solutions work for you up to and beyond the completion of the project.

Risk effective Required knowledge and experience

Our consultants are selected on the basis of their specialist skills and local experience bringing the client exceptional international knowledge and an understanding of the critical issues for domestic business.

Strong business relationships

Our people are our principle advantage. Pontif prides itself on the quality of our consultants. Drawn from industries as diverse as shipping, engineering, marketing, executive management, law and accounting. Our global network of highly experienced specialists provides you with exceptional service and builds successful, enduring relationships with clients.

Dedicated country experts

Pontif dedicated country offices support clients seeking to enter or expand operations in key international markets. Each country office offers multi-disciplinary, multi-skilled and multi-cultural technical knowledge, in addition to resources and experience in the particular issues that clients are likely to face. Our country offices serve as a bridge between clients and objectives where language and cultural skills are vital to the successful conclusion of the objectives.


Our activity begins with familiarize with the market of a country and finding of potential investment. Then locate the suitable partners and presenting opportunities action, that’s the fundamentals of PONTIF.


On each market, you can find your niche, which filling will make money. PONTIF is trying to find elements well known in Poland, which lacks in Nigeria and details that are essential in Nigeria, which Poland does not know.

The involvement

The key task of PONTIF is to find partners and to help the development of the market. PONTIF team makes every effort to co-operation between the partners will be exemplary.


Our target is to advise and support Nigerian and Polish mutual investment from the planning through implementation until the end of the project and, if necessary, after its completion.

Our team

We make a good team. We are in constant contact with our partners by offering new solutions for the development of companies.

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